Sunday, September 4, 2016

8/28/16 Through 9/3/16

8/28/16 Through 9/3/16

Your word, it comes in varied ways
To meet the challenge of the days
Attentive ear and watchful eye
Will recognize and prophesy

But pride will blind the way we see
Through simple, plain, humility
And arrogance will close the ear
To what alone, the lowly hear.

Lord, crucify this mortal flesh
And with a patient love refresh
With eyes that see and ears that hear
Let me always find You near.

Bewildered in his prison cell
The Baptist asked the Lord to tell
If He was the promised One,
Messiah, and God's only son?

The lame can walk, the blind can see,
Those captive in their sin set free
No longer think your earthly way
But pay great heed to what I say.

With great authority He speaks
And wonders at His hand He piques
The interest of the average man
And starts the Pharisees to plan.

What can the young and weak be fed?
For men of flesh are nearly dead
A solid meal they can't digest
But bread and milk, I would suggest.

His sovereignty extends to all
The things that we can see
And far beyond our earthly ball
To all eternity

For to the Lord, belongs the earth
And all with which it's filled
So love Him now for all you're worth
And so His kingdom build.

Lord grant the wisdom that I seek
Replace the anger, make me meek.
Replace my greed and avarice
With ready love that's generous

Turn envy to contentedness
And gluttony, to wanting less
Instead of flesh that's filled with lust
Give me a heart of love and trust.

Procrastinating, lazy ways
Replace with fertile, fruitful days
Destroy in me, that evil pride
And keep me humbly at Your side

What wonder in the skies above
That all up there was made for love
The worlds within the stars that shine,
the smallness of this life of mine.

Yet somehow in this vast expanse
Amid this fine and ordered dance
The One who made this speckled sea
Has come to save and die for me

For love beyond the breadth of skies
To every man this love applies
If I could learn to love like this
My life would be eternal bliss

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