Sunday, August 28, 2016

8/21/16 Through 8/27/16

8/21/16 Through 8/27/16

The narrow path is hard to find
The broad way is quite clear
The pleasure way may twist and wind
But nothing there to fear

I know the Lord, I'm good to go
He loves me all the time
No doubt the Lord will surely know
I wrote some holy rhyme

If doors are closed, to my surprise
He'll surely let me in
But when I finally meet His eyes, 
I recognize my sin

Repent, I must while still a chance
To change my way on earth
In humble stance receive His glance
And find in Him new birth.

Queen of Angels, Queen of Saints
Queen no hint of evil taints
Queen of all that is above
Pure reflection of His love.

Come to me and guide my way
Be my help throughout the day
Make my heart as pure as you
Grant His grace in all I do.

A blinded guide is of no use
A guide that binds and won't set loose
Straining gnats, they swallow still
A camel in their evil swill.

Neglecting that which lies within
They polish up their evil skin
Inside that artificial shine
There dwells an evil vicious swine

The truest child of Israel
Was flayed for Christ, the stories tell
Grant me a faith to his akin
That I would gladly lose my skin

Make ready for the Lord's return
On any given day
In faithfulness and trust we learn
To prosper on the way

And prosper not in terms of gold
But in this simple way
To recognize the hands that hold
Our key to every day

Know we not the day or hour
But we know the strong will cower
Shame will fill the hearts of those
Who willful un-repentance chose.

Hold not against me all my sin
For my remorse cannot begin
To save the beauty that I lost
Except that You have paid the cost.

Restore in me a sinless heart
And once again to me impart
A beauty that is pure and kind
Warm-heartedness, that others find.

A given gift that's never found
A talent buried in the ground
Useless and alike are these
For no one will they ever please

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