Sunday, August 14, 2016

8/7/16 Through 8/13/16

8/7/16 Through 8/13/16

Hard at work for what can't last
The same old story as the past
Hanging on to that which flees
Will never be the way to please.

Does not the Teacher pay the tax?
If you, but only, knew the facts.
The subjects are exempt, you see
The foreigners, must pay the fee.
But it will be just as you wish
We'll get the coin from in the fish.

The Word can sweet as honey be
The nourishment of those who see
But most will never read the book,
And judge the Word by how we look.

The greatest pages that they see
Will be the children close to Thee
For know the Kingdom that they seek
Is filled with humble and with meek

A given life, the seed that's sown
The surest way of love that's known
To sway a heart, and change a mind
In hopes that faith, they also find.

When scarcely sown we scarcely reap
To others then the faith looks cheap
But when we pay the greatest price
The faith is found much more than nice.

Forgiving calls us to repent
And with this call, we all are sent
To let the world know how to live
To turn from sin, and sin forgive.

Found naked and without a home
Left on the streets and all alone
I bathed and dressed you, called you Mine
Prepared you for a love divine

Your hair I set with braids and curls
Your neck I draped in finest pearls
In robes of silk embroidery
I made you more than royalty

A beauty pure, but not complete
Your beauty squandered on the street
A beauty made for love divine
Your beauty cast among the swine

One made for love, but lost in lust
Finds no one on this earth to trust
But shame and silence enter in
When out of love, I pardon sin.

Friday PM
Here I come not just to pray
But here to listen and obey.
A quiet place to hear Your voice
And ponder how to make a choice

Lord strip away the greed and pride
And all that clings to me inside
Let me detach from all these things
And see what pure devotion brings.

The childlike You call Your own
In them we find Your joy made known
No care on earth disturbs them when
They find Your favor once again

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