Sunday, August 21, 2016

8/14/16 through 8/20/16

8/14/16 through 8/20/16

Don't stir the pot, but wait on Me
The plan I have is best, you'll see
The Lord knows well what's best for you
For He's the Master of the stew

Now fix your eyes upon the cross
And all the rest just count as loss
For Christ endured the cross and shame
To win for us eternal gain

Arrayed in gold, at Your right hand
The queen in glorious splendor stands
Our model of obedient love
In glory with our God above

A boastful heart so easy found
yet humble ones are true and sound
For all we have is purely gift
In thankfulness our praises lift.

Should envy rule within the heart
Of those who worked all day,
Or joy, that Master does impart
To others equal pay?

Our stony hearts must be removed
For that's the way His love is proved
When idols and all filth are spurned
A heart of flesh is then returned.

When bones are dry and in the grave
They seem impossible to save
But You can give them flesh and skin
And cause a changing from within

But flesh and bone alone are weak
And far yet more is what we seek
We need the breath of life to rise
And meet our maker in the skies

Friday PM
The faith of all the saints in glory
Tells a resurrection story
For with the blood of martyrs spent
He calls the masses to repent.

May we turn from wicked ways
That we may find much brighter days
Then make our land of fruited plains
A land that's free of sinful chains

With humble and repentant hearts
A true prosperity then starts
Raise up an apostolic band
Then bring Your glory to this land.

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