Sunday, September 18, 2016

9/11/16 Through 9/17/16

9/11/16 Through 9/17/16

Turn around and find again
The paradise we lost back then
When Love would walk there by our side
But we, instead, had chosen pride

And yet we see today like then
A choice for pride or love again
To be like him and bear the pain
That we might walk with Him again

So full of grace, that simple name
The one whom through the savior came
Within her blessed virgin womb
The son of God began to bloom

Her nursling at abundant breast
Emmanuel, in arms at rest
Love to never wane or tarry
With the name of Virgin Mary.

The widow and the orphan know
That sorrows come, and sorrows go
And in this world that moves so fast
Most manage just to look right past

But Jesus manages to hear
The voices of the poor quite clear
And comfort in the sorrows brings
Through love in many little things

Tuesday PM
Both poetry and prophecy
Can open eyes and make them see
But only to a ripened heart
Can knowledge of the Word impart.

The ugliness of sin revealed
In Christ upon the tree
The sentence for our sin repealed
The captives all set free

No serpent on a pole can heal
The pride or greed of man
The Son of God through His ordeal
And humble graces can.

Lift high the sign of righteousness
That all might see above
The ransom for our sinfulness
The costly price of love

In quiet reticence abides
The virgin mother there provides
A model for the holy ones
And through the ages still it runs

A sword would pierce her sinless heart
To all her children grace impart
The sorrows of that final test
Have made our Mother highly blessed

The fate of all our earthly pangs
Upon the resurrection hangs
The author of this life has said
There is a rising from the dead

The trials of each day reveal
The soil which is found ideal
For there alone seed flourishes
Producing much that nourishes.

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