Sunday, November 27, 2016

11/20/16 Through 11/26/16

11/20/16 Through 11/26/16

What does it mean to be the King
The one of whom all praises sing
To be the One who for all died
The spotless lamb, the crucified?

It means He calls all men to see
What true humanity should be
The giving of oneself as all
In answer to the Master's call.

Sunday PM
Have I really much improved 
By knowing You this long,
Has all this time, at all, removed
What, in my soul is wrong?

The closer that I think I get
The further off You are
And when I'm overwhelmed by debt
I find, You're not so far.

My gift presented to the Lord
Is only what I can afford
One hundred and the forty four
Have freely given more and more.

To join the ranks of those above
Who dwell in everlasting love
In answering the holy call
We give our best and give our all.

Behold, the day of judgment comes
When every grape of wrath succumbs
The press will draw the drink to please
And then they but discard the lees.

The flames upon the sea of glass
Unlike the ones below
Are flames of love through which we pass
When Christ we come to know

A love so strong, and so intense
That faces all aglow
Display their peace and firm intents
Their God, yet more, to know.

Lord, draw me through that holy fire
With praises on my lips
For knowing You, my one desire
All joys I've known, eclipse.

The smoke will rise forever in
Her land of filth and sin
Thrown down to never rise again
Now heard, the great Amen.

The scroll contains my every deed
So mercy, mercy, now I plead
Remember not, my awful sin
But what His sacrifice did win.

The coming tribulation now
We wish to all escape somehow
By vigilance and prayer we gain
The strength to grit and bear the pain

Then find the river from the throne
The one that flows from God alone
In trees of life on every side
Our food and healing there abide

There praise to Christ we will avow
His name emblazoned on our brow
No more we'll need a light to see
The Lord, our lamp and light shall be.

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