Sunday, November 20, 2016

11/13/16 Through 11/19/16

11/13/16 Through 11/19/16

The end of time is coming soon
One day at ten, or maybe noon
Our job is but to persevere
And know the end is drawing near.

David's son have pity on me
And from this blindness set me free
I know dear Master You are He
And simply want, my Lord, to see

The beauty of the world beyond
Oh Lord, I want to see
The purity of that first dawn
Reveal, Oh Lord, to me

For many sins have stained my soul
That I'm no longer free
They keep me from becoming whole
And far away from Thee

Their weight has bent my every bone
Deforming what was me
Their burden leaves me all alone
And far away from Thee

But You can lift the heavy load
Of debt I owe to Thee
And start me on a straighter road
Oh Lord, I want to see

Repent My child, and turn around
And buy the gold from Me
Join with the holy saints all gowned
In white and be set free.

I chasten and reprove the ones
I love so they may be
Anointed with the salve as sons
And truly learn to see.

A talent given, must be used
Lest be the wicked one accused
Of squandering his legacy
By hiding it where none can see.

If we just knew what makes for peace
For harmony with great and least
We'd suffer not the coming trial
No heart of ours be filled with guile

For none are worthy to unroll
With seven seals, the holy scroll
Except the pure and spotless lamb
The Holy One, the great I AM

For He has shown the way of peace
To care for all and never cease
To find the way of God above
Through total and self-giving love.

Take the scroll from me and eat
Its taste, like honey will be sweet
But in the stomach it will sour
Showing its convicting power

Friday PM
Lord let me sip the cup with You
That I might do the things You do
Help me to love with all I own
Help me to grow what You have sown

Lord give me now and through this day
The will to love and walk Your way
That when the evening sun has set
A little closer I will get

Let me cower not today
But let me learn to trust and pray
And know each little test of will
Can draw me to You, closer still

Then someday I might learn to be
A faithful servant, Lord, to Thee
And rise above my foolish fear
To hear Your voice say "Come up here".

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