Sunday, July 3, 2016

6/26/16 Through 7/2/16

6/26/16 Through 7/2/16

How worthless what I left behind
The yoke of sinfulness
For there a soul could never find
True peace and happiness.

All that's good is from Your gift
The things that make my spirits lift
A barren and a salted waste
The things I often long to taste.

Your prophecy will come to me
At times throughout the day
But cloudy eyes must recognize
Then listen, and obey.

The faith was spread by holy men
Like Peter, and St. Paul
The ones who trusted God and when
Were called, they gave their all.

Rise and walk the Master said
Forgiven is your sin
Have courage and pick up your bed
By faith in God you win

No blasphemy within His word
For all authority
Is in the voice the cripple heard
That beckoned, "Come to Me".

A famine of God's word will be
The payment for our apathy
The Word which is our salt and light
Will vanish into darkest night.

But that is how it needn't be
If we repent and be set free
For if we listen and obey
The Lord will give the light of day

And open up to greater still
New life to those who seek His will
For happiness and peace abound
Where following His will is found.

Veiled in our humanity
His fire of love we fail to see
Concupiscence now clouds the view
Of that true love that man once knew.

A dim reflection we now see
Of that extreme reality
But in a marriage find a clue
Of what self-giving love can do.

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