Sunday, July 24, 2016

7/17/16 Through 7/23/16

7/17/16 Through 7/23/16

Martha worked, but Mary kept
A vigil at His feet
But as she cooked, and cleaned, and swept
She missed the love replete

To work, we must attentive be
To make our daily bread
but more than hospitality
Must let our souls be fed

All around and every day
Are found, His blessings on the way
But often yet I fail to see
His answer right in front of me.

Much like the flower of the field
So fleeting is the life we yield
And since the time we came to birth
Have we helped beautify the earth?

Say not I am too young
Say not I am too old
I've given you a tongue
To man-up and be bold.

Remember how you loved Me so.
With all your heart and soul,
Why did you ever let me go
And never then be whole?

You turned away to play the whore
The Fountain at your back
And traded lavish waters for
A cistern with a crack.

Forgiven much, the Magdalene
Could not forget what she had seen.
Her blessed Lord they crucified
Stood there before her glorified.

Make of me a soil deep
And rich beyond compare
Sow in me Your precious wheat
That choice and luscious fare.

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