Sunday, July 10, 2016

7/3/16 Through 7/9/16

7/3/16 Through 7/9/16

Can people tell by looking here
If faith in Jesus Christ is near;
Can people look, and then discern
A peace and calm they'd like to learn?

Are the marks of love quite clear
To those who worry, fret, and fear;
Can they see that we possess
The love of Christ that we profess?

Freedom in this blessed land
Was granted by His guiding hand
To shine for all the world to see
The fruitfulness of liberty.

But with this freedom all men should
Be striving for the common good
Or else this land of liberty 
Becomes another poverty.

The unity of God's desire
Communion with His heart afire
Love enough to conquer sin
And foster then, a change within.

This fair young maiden close to Thee
Became a light of purity
Preserving love as clean and fresh
She offered up her mortal flesh

Uncanny, how the more we give
Improves in all, the way we live
For when we trust Him to provide
We find He always will abide.

Repentance turns the wrath away
And lets us see the light of day
The error of our sinful way
That we might learn to love and pray

Friday PM
A little pencil make of me
That Your true servant, I may be
And write with me a little rhyme
Just like Your mother's love sublime.

A burning ember cleanses lips
The fire of love refines and strips
Our sinfulness and foolish pride
To clearly see the other side.

The Eucharist, an ember now
To bring about a change somehow
A daily cleansing of the heart
So that His love, we may impart.

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