Sunday, July 31, 2016

7/24/16 Through 7/31/16

7/24/16 Through 7/31/16

Our Father find in me the will
To follow You each day
And listen close each morn until
I hear the words You say

In jars of clay the word abides
The vessel holds no sway
Surpassing power the Lord provides
Afflicted every way.

Perplexed, not driven to despair
Struck down, but not destroyed
Of Christ in us, become aware
And see new life enjoyed

Saints Joahchim and Ann received
Their child, immaculate conceived
The one in all the human race
That we should know as Full of Grace.

This girl who grew so meek and mild
This girl who bore the saving child
The one who counted all as loss
And stood with Him before His cross.

How do I grow within Your call 
But listen and obey,
How do You speak to one so small
What are the words You say?

They come to me in varied ways
At different times throughout the days
So I must be attentive to
The whispers that I hear from You

Not wasting time with petty pleasure
But seeking You, my truest treasure
Burning bush or potter's wheel
A truth they often will reveal

Let me devour all You give
Become my joy, that I may live
Of sinfulness, I now repent
That in Your name I may be sent

Dear mother, take my offering
And make of it a precious thing
Teach me how to reconcile
Remove from me what's base and vile.

The old is pointing to the new
The new fulfills the old
Both proclaim the Word to you
And help us to be bold

Work is but a blessing for
Me to participate
And learn to love the Father more
In what He did create.

The Baptist listened and obeyed
The king with wickedness dismayed
Now time has shown the great as small
And truly great who gave their all.

If by design or accident
A story's told how time is spent
We leave behind a legacy
For all who follow here to see

A quilt to warm both bed and heart
A written word or work of art
Though colors fade and beauty wanes
But never lost, the love remains

So take some time to make a gift
And so, a loved one's spirits lift
Say not that time is in the way
You haven't time to think that way

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