Sunday, July 17, 2016

7/10/16 Through 7/16/16

7/10/16 Through 7/16/16

If we just avoid the sin
No change will happen deep within
Avoiding evil's understood
But better yet is doing good

Deliver him a crushing blow
By loving more the ones you know
For this is how the battle's won,
By virtue, sin is overcome.

Retreating to the desert find
The only truth and peace of mind
In the quiet solitude
Discover this new attitude

Woe to you who've seen such things
The force of condemnation brings
The weight of sin to pull you down
And in your stubbornness to drown.

You've seen His mighty works yet still
The base desire controls your will
For you His precious Son was sent
And now it's time that you repent.

I am weak, but Thou art strong
Save me from a life of wrong
As the childlike, let me see
All the good You've done for me.

The yoke of One so strong yet meek
Most precious burden that I seek
To carry Him throughout the day
In all I do and all I say

Why should I ask to stay on earth
If trust be truly mine,
Why not receive a second birth
And drink of Heaven's wine?

Friday PM
A steadfast heart create in me
Detached, and truly, one set free
From all the trappings of the day
To spend a while with You and pray.

So many things to sway the heart
So many ways to then depart
From recognizing all that is
He gave for us, this Son of His.

Purest mother, virgin kind
In you the poor and helpless find
A guiding hand along the way
To lead them to the light of day.

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