Saturday, August 29, 2015

8/16/15 through 8/22/15

8/16/15 Through 8/22/15

This bread becomes our very breath
The body of our Lord.
Redemption from our certain death
A price could none afford.

The wine, His blood, our saving drink
For parched and thirsty souls
The sinners saved from darkest brink,
The lowly ones consoled.

Before you lies a blessing
Before you lies a curse
The freedom from confessing,
Or lies to make things worse.

Least in all Manasseh
He hides to thresh his wheat
But called by God to challenge, and
Bring Midian defeat.

The angel of the Lord he saw
And spoke to face to face
Behold, oh mighty one said he
You're called to cleanse this place

With leadership comes sacrifice
A gift of one to all
Controlling of our appetites
And answering the call.

Not one thing can be claimed as mine
No praise for things I do.
All I have comes from Divine
Even praise I offer You.

To love the Lord with heart and mind
The greatest of the laws, we find.
Then like yourself, to love all men
Will please the Father once again.

Teach me to choose the lowest place
Teach me to always seek your face
Then finding in humility
Who You intended me to be.

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