Sunday, August 16, 2015

8/9/15 Through 8/15/15

8/9/15 through 8/15/15
Strength for the journey
Bond with the Lord
Bread of compassion 
Life giving Word

Lord give me hunger
Lord give me thirst
For what is holy
Placing You first

For in Your Passion
Is my redemption
Life without ending
In resurrection!

The giver of the gifts should know
Just what we need to bloom and grow
He spoke the word and made it all
His grace is plenty for us all.

The memory of a child's embrace
Is slow to fade away
The innocence upon their face
The loving words they say.

This pure and simple, spotless love
Is how our lives should be
Reliance on our God above
Should be our path, you see.

A glow of light beyond the door
A thirsting soul desires more
A knock to say:  "May I come in?"
The pathway choked by years of sin.

Oh Jesus, in this bread so fine
Great comfort, and great strength of mine,
Cleanse me Lord from all my sin
Grant that I, Your favor win.

His body offered up for her
Her will subordinate to his
Such love will demonstrate for sure
What marriage made in heaven is.

The Ark of God, that holy place,
The lowly Virgin, Full of Grace,
The humble and obedient one,
Now reigns in splendor with her Son.

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