Sunday, September 6, 2015

8/30/15 through 9/5/15

8/30/15 through 9/5/15

Oh wash me Lord and make me clean
From sinfulness in me unseen
From judgments rash, and lust inside
From selfish greed and foolish pride.

Today this passage is fulfilled
He's come to set us free
The long expectant hearts were thrilled 
His mighty works to see.

Let me accept with grace this day
The will of Christ my Lord
My debts no way I could repay
His gifts could not afford

Thank you Lord for giving me
The things that do me good.
Instead of what my thinking be
When I've misunderstood.

No looking back with longing eyes
To former ways of life
Leave all for Him with piercing eyes
Who gives eternal life.

When pride in me, self-flattery
Invades the heart and mind
Then wisdom flies before my eyes
And folly's all you find.

Without love how can we last 
As creatures on this earth?
A day of doom approaches when
There's judgement for our past.

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