Sunday, September 27, 2015

9/20/15 through 9/26/15

9/20/15 through 9/26/15

Could we know without the cross,
Could we count our gains as loss,
Could we find triumph in defeat,
Without a giving so complete?

Because of His reproaching breath
We sentenced Him to shameful death.
With torture and revilement
We killed the One whom Love had sent.

But three days hence, the Savior showed
As all around the tomb it glowed,
No power below or up above
Can conquer o're the power of Love.

Wealth provides a constant chatter
Masking all the things that matter
Always shouting, "Look and see!"
Drowning out, "Come follow Me."

In the pagan king was found
The gift to see, and turn around.
Rebuilding that which once was razed
Into the place where God is praised.

Tuesday Evening
A man of little faith in He
Who calmed the winds and split the sea,
A man who doesn't trust enough
To leave his worthless worldly stuff.

A man who wants his comfort now,
Yet wants to get to heaven somehow.
A man who wants the Lord to see,
A better way for things to be.

A man of very little brain
Complaining of his every pain
A fool in eyes that truly see,
That man of course, is known as me.

But if You choose to grace that man,
And if he but, responds he can
Fulfill Your will upon this earth
And gain at last, a brand new birth.

To twelve He gave authority
To cure and make the demons flee.
To all He gives the power now
To love, and change the world somehow.

How often thoughts are inward bound
And care for others never found.
The house of God, it's time to build,
The fallow ground must now be tilled.

Tell no more the ancient story
Of the Church's former glory
Worry not of numbers few
The Lord will freshen, and renew.

Within the fire circling round
No enemy or foe is found.
The Lord becomes the strength and shield
For all the holy ones He sealed.

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