Sunday, October 4, 2015

9/27/15 through 10/3/15

9/27/15 Through 10/3/15

Remove the part that leads to sin
Be cleansed and holy from within
Give up the constant search for wealth
Corrupted parts cannot give health.

It's funny how we fill our days
With noise and useless chatter
Rarely finding simple ways
To do the things that matter.

A patient ear, a loving touch
With pace of life decreased
We find, in those with little, much
The greatest and the least.

Great angel watching over me
Remove the blinders, let me see.
The conflict now, with eyesight pure
The Devil's wicked, tempting lure.

Give me the courage in the fight
To always seek and do what's right.
Strengthen now my weakened knees
Present before the King my pleas.

Announce a new and different day
The day the Woman dared to say:
"Salvation through your servant bring,
I am the handmaid of the King."

No reason you should look so sad
When favored by the King
The one who gave His life for you
Will grant you everything.

He never waters down the call
He always wants to have our all.
He promises sufficient grace
In every trying time and place.

Unless you come like little ones
No share can you receive.
The kingdom is for humble ones
Who listen and believe.

Though littleness we try to find,
A prideful whisper comes to mind,
And if we fail to shut the door
The demon gladly offers more..

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