Sunday, October 18, 2015

10/11/15 Through 10/17/15

10/11/15 Through 10/17/15

How easy we attachments make
to simple temporal chattel
Forgetting such disorders take
Our eyes off of the battle.

Another trinket, toy, or tool
We simply must obtain
Another item blinds the fool
Obscuring heaven's gain.

Called by God to now become
The members of His body one.
To share with all, His gift of grace
In every village, town, or place.

We cleanse the outside all in vain
If on the inside part
Is found the stench, and awful stain
Of rotten, greedy heart.

Thursday AM
A servant's heart, what I desire
A heart of love, with flames of fire
A heart to always lead the way
From darkest night to endless day.

Thursday PM
How can You bear to suffer so,
To hear the constant sound of, No?
Rejected by the ones You made
Repentance evermore delayed.

Your Mother and some women too,
Beside the cross to weep with You,
But of the the twelve, there's only John.
The others all, in fear, have gone.

Each labored breath, each anguished sigh,
An offering to God on high,
In reparation for my sin
That salvation, I may win.

How can I bear You suffer so,
When every time I answer, No?
How can I fail to put You first
When, from the cross, I hear, "I thirst"?

A thirst for every human soul
A thirst to love and make me whole
A thirst to break the bonds of sin
A thirst we would salvation win.

There's nothing that we have concealed
That will not, one day, be revealed.
In darkness, whispered, things we say
Will be proclaimed, in light of day.

Fear not, my friend, the wicked one,
Who kills the body then he's done.
But fear the One whom love desires
May cast into eternal fires.

"Well Done!" is heard, the words of Thine
To martyrs dressed in robes that shine.
By wild beasts the wheat was ground,
And by this bread true life is found.

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