Sunday, November 1, 2015

10/18/15 Through 10/24/15

10/18/15 Through 10/24/15

To ask to be with Christ the king
Is asking Him for suffering
To share His cup and serve the least
To join in His eternal feast.

What good are barns stacked high with wheat
For those who have no chance to eat?
The pocket filled with currency
Cannot provide security.

True faith provides the guaranty
Of living life eternally
A life with Love, on whom we feed,
The God who meets our every need.

One sin condemned the world to die
And bound us all in chain.
By act of love, the crucified,
Repurchased Heaven's gain.

Quite much will be demanded 
From dwellers in this land
For we have been entrusted 
To follow His command.

But we who have this blessing
Must bring a fine return
If there's no yield at threshing
We all, like chaff, will burn.

Wednesday PM
The beauty of this world around
In many varied ways is found.
Each creature with its special place
Its separate measure of God's grace.

By wisdom now the Truth is seen
Discernment of the senses keen.
When nothing else will satisfy, 
The Truth is always standing by.

In patient love forgiving wrong
Then teaching how to suffer long.
This beauty that attracts the soul
Will satisfy, and make you whole.

In prison born, for slavery bound
The lot of every man around
In Christ the only Hope we see
To break the fetters and set free.

If there's no fruit, then cut it down.
He heard the Master say
I've looked for years and never found.
Why should I let it stay?

In patience, just another year
With special food and care
It may begin a new career
And then produce its share.

Teach me, oh Lord, just how to live,
Of me, a faithful servant make.
Accepting all you choose to give
And freely giving all You take.

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