Sunday, November 1, 2015

10/25/15 Through 10/31/15

10/25/15 Through 10/31/15

I recognize this prison now
Of sinful selfish ways
The weight of guilt upon my brow
Has darkened light of day.

Then finding that You travel near
With faith my guarantee
I call aloud in hopes You'll hear
"Dear Lord, I want to see"

Bent and crippled eighteen years
She passed the temple gate
Then by His touch dispelling fears
She started standing straight.

To suffer now cannot compare
To glories yet unseen
The time when mortal men can share
What those in heav'n have seen.

The heavens declare His glory
The stars proclaim His praise
We hear the ancient story
And holy hands we raise.

No power now can separate
The living soul God did create
No heinous crime or grave offence
From blazing love that's so intense.

Lord I offer You this day
The things I do and things I say
May I make for all around
A place where peace and love are found.

With the humble and the kind
The Spirit of the Lord we find
For at the banquet or the feast
We find Him sitting with the least.

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