Sunday, November 15, 2015

11/8/15 Through 11/14/15

11/8/15 Through 11/14/15

The widow gave her final cent
But only One knew what it meant
We hear the others' money fall,
But this poor woman gave her all.

From the temple water flows
That all around the tree that grows
May bear its fruit the whole year round
And healing in its leaves be found.

Oh make of me a fruitful tree
That food for others I may be.
And let me give to those around
The healing love that I have found.

The humble heart that's supple
Will dart about through stubble
Though for a time they were chastised
They have become the gold that's tried.

To do as we're obliged to do
Deserves no great reward
For we are worthless servants who 
Deserve to be ignored.

The day will come when morning dawns
And Christ himself will right the wrongs
The blind shall see the shining Son
And all is well my faithful one.

But oh, the wicked, oh for those
Who face the frightful judgement woes
Great torment now in certainty
Awaits for all eternity.

Confusion reigns within my soul
For wisdom needs to make me whole
Firm, secure, and tranquil light
The aura of the the God of might.

Fairer beauty than the Sun
A spotless mirror of the One
Shining victor in the fight
Refulgent beauty conquers night.

Oh how foolish are the wise
Who see His works, but in disguise
Amidst the great complexity
In search of how it came to be.

Discern in Him the origin,
And let the doubting mind begin
To comprehend how small are we
How vast the strength and charm of He.

Persistent prayer the only hope
For one so weak as me
Who in the darkness only grope
And say, Lord let me see.

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