Sunday, November 8, 2015

11/1/15 through 11/7/15

11/1/15 Through 11/7/15

Who are these ones in robes of white
Please tell me Mighty One
Blood from the Lamb has made them bright
Disciples of the Son

Beloved dead have run the race
Their lot in life is cast
No chance to find another grace
Or mend a sinful past

They hope in us from here below
Through prayer and sacrifice
That God, on them, will soon bestow
The gift of endless light

If I've but just one gift to give
Let it be faith that you might live
For all is naught without the Lord
Accept the gift wealth can't afford

Dear children of my wedding vow
I wish to spend with you somehow
More than some time along the way
Eternity in endless day.

I didn't know when we first met
What blessings I, through love, would get
For love was then two souls embraced,
But grew to many trials faced.

The tiny seed was planted then
And watered with commitment when
Each difficulty we would face
Would bring with it sufficient grace.

To love, the challenge for each life
For celibate, or man and wife
And know, in spite of times we fall
The Lord, in time, will conquer all.

We foolishly stray from the Word
And leave the safety of the herd
Then in our lost and wandering way
The Shepherd comes to find the stray.

The crafty steward knows the way
Of dealing with his kind
But commendation brings dismay
Dishonesty enshrined.

Sadness over something lost
Should be for us a sign
A warning that attachments cost
Connection to the Vine.

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