Sunday, October 11, 2015

10/4/15 through 10/9/15

10/4/15 through 10/9/15

Become one flesh as man and wife
A bond to last throughout your life
The flower opens to receive
The seed is planted to conceive.

A total giving from the two
With God becomes a life brand new
A sacred gift to one another
A precious soul that's like no other

Help me to listen and obey
And cease to follow my own way
For my way leads to troubled seas
But Your way leads to lasting peace.

St.  Bruno found in nothingness
The key that leads to happiness
In life devoid of things around
The fullness of our Lord is found.

Do I, like Jonah, care much more
For things that flower and fade
When I should have compassion for
Immortal souls God made?

Reluctant to proclaim the Word
To many sinners lost
I'd rather see God's wrath incurred
Than take the time it cost

To tell them all the story of 
Our God who came to earth
Enduring much in patient love
That we might have new birth.

Thursday AM
What father would give to his precious child
A dangerous gift, or one that defiled
The Father of all when put to the test
Will always be giving what He knows is best

Thursday PM
My progeny, to show the way
To follow Him throughout the day
To honor Him in what they say
And never from His leading stray

I make a meager, paltry guide
To lead such treasure to Your side
To You my weakness I confide
And You are with me every stride.

Though many are the traps and snares
Temptations and the daily cares
I keep them in my daily prayers
That life with You is someday theirs

I  wish Lord to this day repent
Of all my sinful ways
Of selfishness and time misspent
Throughout my many days

Oh happy womb that bore You
What blessed breast You nursed
Creation all adores You
The last as well as first.

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