Sunday, December 11, 2016

12/4/16 Through 12/10/16

12/4/16 Through 12/10/16

The shoot to sprout from Jesse's stump
Shall blossom in its day
With fruit of justice, ripe and plump
His breath, the wicked, slay

No judge by looks or hearsay be
The Spirit rests on Him
But justice for the poor you see
No more the dark and dim

Green pasture to be shared among
The wild and the tame
The serpents now the pets of young
The light from darkness came

The desert and parched land exult
The steppe rejoice and bloom
Abundant flowers and joy result
No more a land of doom

In joyful song His glory shines
Made firm the weak of knee
Be strong, fear not, but welcome signs
Of victory won for thee

Unlike all mortal flesh
That withers and decays
His word is always fresh
And lasts for endless days

He wants not one to perish
But stay among the flock
For everyone is cherished
By God our faithful rock

The mind can scarcely ponder
The power and the might
Of Him who made up yonder
The stars that light the night

The winds that blow across the sea
No man could e're control
Yet still so many fail to see
Their Maker and extol

The strong grow weary, faint and fall
The young exhausted too
But little ones, He said, recall
I'll be the strength for you 

And mount you up on eagle's wings
My strength will never fail
Your trust in Me forever brings
The breath of life...  Inhale!

Mother of all was Eve by name
Through her all generations came
And by her cursed and sinful fall
She gave concupiscence to all

But Mary now, the second Eve
Was one immaculate conceived
She bore the savior for our sin
That we might all salvation win

The Holy One of Israel
The Lord our God and king
The ways of right and good will tell
And vindication bring

If we but hearken to His word
Obeying His command
A rushing river could be heard
With blessings like the sand

Who follows not the wicked way
Nor vile route to go
Will find delights each passing day
Where holy waters flow

The hearts of fathers for their sons
A sign to all the holy ones
The time of waiting passing by 
For lo, the Lord is drawing nigh

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