Sunday, July 12, 2015

7/5/15 through 7/11/15

7/5/15 through 7/11/15

Embrace the weakness quell the sin
And let the word of God come in
Then in temptation's strongest hour
Discover He provides the power

It's time to offer God this day
It's time to fast and time to pray
It's time to learn the key to peace
It's time for carelessness to cease

Worthy of trust is Jesus our Lord
Gift of the Father and life giving word
He raises the one who was cast in the pit
To govern the land and rule over it.

Authority was given us
O'er demons filled with greed and lust
The power to live in holiness
The power to cure and teach and bless

Now when we humbly serve and greet
Or wash the lowly servant's feet
The gift of love is all around
And this is where true wealth is found.

When you hear these rhyming words
Don't think our God is split in thirds
The three are bound forever one
The Father, Spirit, and the Son.

And the Father sent the Son
To show us how to live as one
To take the lowly place at feast
To learn to love and serve the least.

Regression without precedence
The former century brought
Man seeking to redeem by new
Progressive ways of thought

Utopia one cannot find 
By forcing to conform
The will of each and every soul
According to your norm.

The paradise they're looking for 
Comes not from power and might
But from the gift of servant love
In radiance and light.

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