Sunday, July 19, 2015

7/12/15 through 7/18/15

7/12/15 through 7/18/15

The beauty of the earth down deep
So very few have known
Such grandeur there one shouldn't keep
For just his very own

Not knowing how God's children are
The rulers try to keep
Their numbers from increasing far
And roots from growing deep

For not this world the roots were meant
Such children must increase
The ones who offer this sweet scent
Of service and of peace

If His voice should come to me
Attentive pray that I should be
And willing that I would repent
I offer that I would be sent

Thy word oh Lord and not my own
Has power to light the way
Give me the words to make You known
In all I do and say

The first time I received the Lord 
I found uncommon grace
Somehow to me His love out poured
That special time and place.

Impatient with his lagging pace
I grumbled quietly
Forgetful of the mighty grace
I was about to see

I heard a voice as plain as day
That reprimanded me
"Look at his hands" I heard Him say
"Be blind no more, but see"

How many times this aged man
With ordinary bread
Has lifted up those holy hands
And hungry souls were fed.

"So who are you, self righteous one
Who can't afford this time
To criticize the pace of one
Whose life is fully Mine"

The people left in hurried pace
With just unleavened bread
They left that awful slavery place
To be with manna fed.

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