Sunday, June 7, 2015

5/31/15 through 6/6/15

Is there a god you've ever known
To call a nation all his own,
To lead from where the slaves are bound
To where the milk and honey's found?

Is there One with love so strong
That on a starry night so long
Came to us in humble form,
A Savior, in a stable born?

Is there One so passionate
To send his holy Advocate
To guide us in our daily walk,
And teach us when we need to talk?

For One so great we must obey
And follow in His holy way
To find for our whole family
True peace and real prosperity.

No matter what our offering
No deed unnoticed by the King
He cares not for the blood of sheep,
But do we here our brother keep.

Protect me Lord from what I do
Instead of trusting all in You
I fall again and now in shame
Return to where forgiveness came.

Caesar governs here on earth
So rightly we should pay
Our tax to him who governs here
The ruler of this day.

But to the One who reigns on high
Creator of all things
To Him the righteous offers all
And sacrifices brings.

A habit is made by an act of the will
Repeating it often when time needs to fill
And character comes from the things that we do
So we find that these actions define who are you.

The gall of a fish can open the eyes
The light of the Lord can remove a disguise
Blessing the faithful, He leads from despair,
To joy and abundance in His tender care.

At last the dedication day
A chapel for the Lord
A fitting place to come and pray
For loving hearts out poured.

No longer just a dream for those
Who Presentation knew
Reality for ones who chose
Their lives there to renew.

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