Sunday, May 31, 2015

5/24/15 through 5/31/15

5/24/15 through 5/31/15

When the Holy Spirit came
In flashing tongues of holy flame
Timid ones stood and proclaimed
With love, the power of Jesus' name.

Without the fire of God within
We're far more apt to fall in sin
But with the Spirit's seven fold power
We're clothed to meet temptation's hour.

Remembering the fallen ones
This day we set aside
To call to mind the sacrifice
Of those who fought and died.

Protecting freedom in our land
So generations hence
Could live in liberty and peace
All bought at their expense.

We must respect their gift to us
By living everyday
As ones who care for others in
The same self-giving way.

The call to simple sacrifice
Will greet us every morn
We must control our appetites
For us to be reborn

Not suffering repeated blows
Or asked to give our all
But giving up what no one knows
Through works considered small.

The island of my ancestors
was once a source of pride
A faithful Catholic people with
The Church to be their guide.

But through the years the thorns have grown
Among that goodly seed
The worldly cares of day to day
The things we say we need.

Somehow their faith has come to be
A loser in the fight
Regardless of majority
A vote can't make it right.

I used to think the first command
Was useless in our day.
Who bows to calves, or carves a god
To worship anyway?

But we have turned our carnal lust
Into that sacred cow
Where to the simply deviant
We now just turn and bow.

The laws of love were given when
He made them man and wife.
Their unity the chosen way
Of bringing forth new life.

Have we not seen throughout the years
That following His plan
Leads to true prosperity
For each and every man?

Oh Lord, remove the blinders
Help us all to see
That following the laws of God
In truth will set us free!

The cry that oft we dare not say
Is, "Lord, I want to see"
For in the light He shows the way
That we were meant to be.

No time to sit and recreate
It's time now to accelerate
Our search to harvest needy souls
Intensifies as we grow old.

Wisdom, friend and guiding light
Come and make my pathway bright
Give me courage to endure
Always faithful, true, and sure.

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