Saturday, May 16, 2015

5/3/15 through 5/9/15

Accept it all with joy they say
A gift from God on high,
But I can't find a joyful way
And choose to wonder why.

Why not, the better question posed,
should trouble come to me?
Is it right that I suppose
From trial my life be free?

Pride is such a subtle vice
It sneaks through any crack
And then it does in us entice
Our prayer life to grow slack.

We're called to persevere in pain
That we might win eternal gain
Then like apostles, and like Paul
Might spread the Word to one and all.

To learn to love I must obey
And follow in the Master's way
Forsaking ease and glory high
To freely choose the cross and die.

"I do believe!", the father said.
Help my unbelief.
Don't turn and leave my son for dead,
I'm crying for relief.

The struggle for the earthly gain
Is always proved to be in vain.
For those who strive to get ahead,
Eventually, they turn up dead.

Then what becomes of all their wealth,
Their quest for power and perfect health?
The dreams become for those who sinned
Just dandelions in the wind. 

So tell me what their silver gleaned,
A blessing or a curse?
For they say you've never seen
A U-haul on a hearse.

To love sounds like a simple rule
That we could all obey
So often though, we play the fool
And self gets in the way.

How shall the young be sinless found,
When in this world, and all around,
Temptations vie to hold their sway?
The Word of God they must obey!

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