Sunday, May 3, 2015

4/26/15 through 5/2/15

They act as if they know it all
And so refuse to hear the call
Or listen when the still small voice
Beckons, make the holy choice.

Good shepherd tries to lead the way
But they insist to go astray
and find a hungry wolf instead
Of verdant pastures for their bed.

Why does sleep elude my eyes?
Why does your will seem in disguise?
Why don't I rest and sleep in ease?
Why don't I get down on my knees?

The Master called His sheep by name
And all who followed Love then came
But those who always asked for signs
Refused to follow His designs.

When amidst a great attack
No time to let our hands grow slack
But praise Him still for we behold
By fire He cleanses precious gold.

Make me like Barnabas and Paul
Who gladly suffered for the call
And may I never shy away
From speaking what you'd have me say.

How can I think of writing rhyme
When I sit to pass the time
Sipping whiskey for the pain
A tooth has gone awry again.

A people set apart for You
With holy work for each to do
Like Joseph through our work express
Desire for love and holiness.

Let me listen Lord to Thee
For the Word You speak to me
And act upon your each command
Or lest my house be built on sand.

What a treat to sit with You
Enjoying in this place
The simple quiet solitude
And blessings of Your grace

In the name of Jesus pray
And God will grant to you this day
From His font of grace thereof
What's best for you and those you love.

When Mary said let it be done
According to Your will
The Spirit then conceived the Son
Her tabernacle filled.

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