Sunday, April 26, 2015

4/19/15 through 4/25/15

The heart that sings the Easter hymn
Is one that walked the road with Him.
The road that leads to Calvary
The road to death upon the tree.

When self is emptied we can see
The joy that love was meant to be.
Then resurrected life we know,
And gifts from Holy Spirit flow.

Work for the food that satisfies
Not for the latest batch of lies
Not for the flower that fades away
But for the light of endless day.

You gave the martyrs strength to die
While pagans stood and  wondered why
Would one endure such pain and shame
For just the sake of Jesus' name?

But with the martyr's blood that flowed
The greatest power of love You showed
With fortitude their trials endured
Eternal life for them assured.

The bread came down from heaven when
The time had been fulfilled
To do His Father's will and then
With Spirit He infilled

Unless the grain falls down and dies
Unless the fool becomes the wise
Unless the proud become the meek
Unless the strong become the weak

No hunger of the soul inside
We'll ever find is satisfied.
No way can famished souls be fed
With just one grain, there is no bread.

When will the foolish ever know
How will the simple ever grow
If we don't teach by what they see 
Lived out each day by you and me?

The Word, my son your daily bread
Make time to ponder in your head
And as you chew on each small part
The Lord will write it on your heart

His words are written for the throng
And never will they steer you wrong
If following our great high priest
You listen well and love the least.

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