Sunday, April 19, 2015

4/12/15 through 4/18/15

The darkness leaves when Light arrives
The Light that brings new hope to lives
The Light that prompts the birds to sing
The Light gives life to everything.

The wind we know not where it comes,
Nor even where it goes.
But if it be the breath of God
The Holy Spirit flows.

Oh Lord I need Your help this day
To lift my daily cross
To find in You the Truth, the Way,
And choose the gold, not dross.

The daily bread that You provide
Is in Your presence at my side
When anytime throughout the day
I take the time to simply pray.

Lord grant me faith in you this day
Give me the courage to obey
To place o'er You no earthly thing
And make of You my everything.

I gaze upon a late night sky
And ponder other worlds so high
So far away from me I know
That mortal man could never go.

\How far I cannot comprehend
I wonder does it ever end?
Such beauty in the sky above
Created by our God of love.

Security a mere charade
For not with things is safety made
Through simple plain obedience
The Lord becomes  our great defense.

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