Sunday, April 19, 2015

Easter Week 4/5/15 - 4/11/15

Such a love beyond conceiving
Resurrected for believing
Death and darkness now are fleeing
Prisoners and captives freeing

"Be not afraid" we hear Him say
Just follow me I am the way
No more to wait in dark of night
Behold the risen Lamb of light.

Don't cling to me He said to her 
As something on this earth
The length and breadth of love is found
In waters of new birth.

In broken bread we recognize
The One who heals and changes lives
The who takes the form of bread
The One who's risen from the dead.

With hearts aflame along the way
We walked with Him 'till eve of day
And listened while He did expound
Where all through scripture Christ is found.

We pressed Him, come and spend the night
And travel on when morn is bright
Then as we sat at table spread
Our eyes were opened with the bread.

Was something different 'round the world,
The day that Jesus rose?
Did distant parts have flaming hearts
Does anyone now know?

I can't produce a witness now.
But, by faith I know somehow
That even in the darkest place
There came a flood of Easter grace.

Is it God, or is it man,
Whom should we obey?
The first disciples made their choice
To follow in the Way.

We may not have Sanhedrin here
Who threaten to do harm,
But oft we let opinions sway,
And over truth, choose charm.

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