Saturday, May 16, 2015

5/10/15 through 5-16-15

Love is meant for everyone
The Father's gift of precious Son
The Spirit too, He sent for all
Who hearken to the master's call.

Help me forsake myself I cry
Make me to love enough to die
Let not my search for pleasure win
Teach me to love and turn from sin.

There's more to the story than what we can read
How suddenly, faith in the Lord can now lead
The jailer, a soldier, to turn from his post
Becoming for prisoners, their servant and host.

The power of God is so hard to describe
It will gnaw at our gut and cause us to decide
If we will be creatures all puffed up with pride,
Or yield to the Lord, and let Him be our guide.

For now it is too much to know
All that the Lord has planned.
We feed on milk until we grow
To follow His command.

We must replace, apostles say
The one of us who did betray
Then hung in utter desolation
On a tree of condemnation.

One with us throughout the days
Must join with us and teach His ways.
Replacing Judas' deeds at night
Matthias acts in holy light

Mother Mary be my guide
This day remain here at my side 
Let me see your holy face
And shower down His loving grace.

For I desire to love like thee,
With perfect, kind humility
Trusting that someday I might,
Like you, reflect His wondrous light.

A knock says may I please come in
And turn your tendency towards sin,
To One who truly satisfies,
And from the father of those lies.

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