Sunday, May 24, 2015

5/16/15 through 5/23/15

5/17/15 through 5/24/15

Ascending to Your rightful throne
Disciples watched in awe
Declaring You as King alone
From everything they saw

But Your plan was greater still
Your blessings incomplete
To help us do the Father's will
You sent the Paraclete.

The grain of wheat must fall and die
And then be found to grow
Then as the stalk is reaching high
The gifts of Spirit flow.

Tuesday AM
Don't shrink away or fail to speak
The word God gives to you.
But raise the weary and the weak
As God says we should do.

Tuesday PM
Again I sit before the Lord
God of glory and grace
My weak and sinful self abhorred
Ashamed to lift my face

When will I ever gain the power
To turn away from sin
In courage, meet temptation's hour
And garner strength within?

A frightful thought to look upon
The scourges and the thorns
And know those sacred stripes were drawn
As products of my scorn

Lord make my greatest love be You
Make me always seek what's true
Help me always realize
That Satan's fool is really wise.

I watch in silence as each surge
Of blood comes from my heart
Transporting life and animating
Each and every part.

I don't know how, I don't know why
My thoughts are not that high
But this I know without a doubt
His love is what it's all about.

Firmly bound forever free
Is what I ask dear Lord of Thee
That I might only rest and feed
In verdant pastures where You lead

The night before the Savior died
By closest friend, three times denied
But on the shore He fed and blessed
For love was there three times expressed.

Don't worry how the rest are called
For you just follow me
You are the rock that I installed
The keeper of the key.

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