Sunday, June 28, 2015

6/21/15 through 6/27/15

6/21/15 through 6/27/15

Your justice and mercy I can't comprehend
Understanding and wisdom are yours without end
The grandeur of God is far beyond reach
The depth of your love through the cross do you teach

Refusing to condone one sin
St.  Thomas lost his head
This day our courts deliberate 
If men should share one bed.

How can I find the narrow gate
When wide the way of sin?
How can I learn to concentrate
On what will let me in?

Brand New Me
Another day comes to an end
And goals remain unmet
Oh Lord I cannot comprehend
The promises un-kept

If I were jilted half as much
As I have jilted You
I wouldn't have much use for such
Who say, but never do.

Dear God please help me turn around
And follow after Thee
Then let your splendid grace abound
Create a brand new me.

The mansions built on shifting sand 
Are everywhere around
For oft we hear the word of God
With little action found.

If sinful plots the heart invade
What loss for all that God has made!
For once the sin takes hold of thee
The wisdom of the Lord will flee.

Do you get discouraged by things in the news?
Do repeated defeats sometimes give you the blues?
Regardless of what the high court has to say
It isn't a marriage when joined in that way.

For years many rulers tried telling the throng
Their actions were right, when they knew they were wrong
Just look throughout history, see what they've become
Then look once again at the love of the Son.

Our job is to trust in the power of love
Believing the words of the one up above
To soften hard hearts by our love we must try
For his power can change in the blink of an eye.

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