Sunday, June 14, 2015

6/7/15 through 6/13/15

Doubt no longer, but believe
He our sinfulness relieve
In this bread is true compassion
Holy lives He feeds to fashion.

Truly present though not seen
For believers this has been
Bread of heaven giv'n to nourish
Healthy souls to flow'r and flourish.

Jesus tells us how to be
With attitudes that set us free
They sound to most like much distress,
But truly lead to happiness.

Grant wisdom Lord with each new day
Help me to listen and obey
When challenged help me search and sift
To You my spirit always lift.

The family's where the child is formed,
Where wills are trained and hearts are warmed.
The special place we learn to live,
To love and share, and freely give.

The basic building block you see
That makes up our society
The place where love of mom and dad
Brings forth a brand new lass or lad.

The family's where we learn to pray
To offer God our cares each day
To trust in Him for all our needs
And do with kindness, all our deeds.

A sign of love, the Sacred Heart
Should shine in every home.
His burning love will then impart
To all in there shalom.

Enthrone Him in your heart this day
A place of prominence
and let this lover have His way
To lift your countenance.

Immaculate Mary your praises we sing
To your holy Son our petitions please bring
By your faithful yes you brought life to the earth
Trusting always, in a stable gave birth

Our one single boast in the whole human race
The Star of Creation that's filled with His grace.
Sinless and pure as the wind driven snow
You care for your children on earth here below.

Presenting our needs to the Father above
Through Jesus, his son, the pure essence of love.
By your tender guidance teach us to become
The person intended by God for each one.

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