Sunday, January 22, 2017

1/15/17 Through 1/21/17

1/15/17 Through 1/21/17

From in the womb He knew your name
And formed no other one the same
His servant you were meant to be
He made you loving, good, and free

If you but do His holy will
His love will ever warm the chill
Then hearts will find their way and see
How great His chosen nation be

By grace all called to love you see
To know the holy Trinity
The Father, Son and Holy Ghost
To join the ranks of heaven's host

So testify what you have seen
And make Him known to king and queen
I would, but now I can't you see
My mother just aborted me.

Don't try to fix that worn out cloak
Another patch will just evoke
A greater tear and then you'll see
The cloak you need is really me.

A fresh and supple loving kind
Renewing heart and also mind
Put off the old and don the new
The cloak of love looks good on you.

Hope the anchor for the soul
Our trust His love will make us whole
Reaching in beyond the veils
Affixed to One who never fails

Melchizedek in Salem town
His priesthood ever more renowned
King of righteousness by name
Enjoys his everlasting fame

A priest before the priesthood made
His gift of bread and wine displayed
Our father in the faith he blessed
With honor, Abraham addressed

Now Jesus in that single line
Of priests who came outside of time
Has offered up His bread and wine
That life eternal may me mine

Wednesday PM
I know the Truth will set me free
But still I choose iniquity
I dread to curb my base desires
Yet always prove them wicked liars

What looks so sweet to fleshly eye
Will never truly satisfy
But coax, and charm, and slyly hound
Until, with cords, I'm tightly bound

My courage and my firm resolve
So often fail and just dissolve
I fail to think or stay aware
And then I'm tempted to despair

But then, I must, in shame confess
I offer God this bloody mess
And He confirms His word to me
That only Truth will set you free!

Is it lawful? He would ask
To do a good or evil task
Upon the holy Sabbath day
When only rest should be the way?

Why speak with no authority
You pious scribe and pharisee?
You of all should know the way
And guide the flock by what you say

But since you only clean outside
Your inner filth you cannot hide
And rather than behold the King
You plot, to His destruction bring

He summoned those He wanted
And at His call they came
Then twelve He thus appointed
Apostles they became

To this day, His call goes out
To each and every soul
At times a whisper, or a shout
But call to each enroll

Will you respond and follow
The voice of Love that calls
Or in the mud still wallow
Where pride and sin befalls?

Not with the blood of goats He came
All other priests were not the same
Upon the altar His own blood
And grace descending like a flood.

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