Monday, January 2, 2017

12/25/16 Through 12/31/16

12/25/16 Through 12/31/16

Let's go to Bethlehem and see
The Savior come to set us free
The One of whom the angels boast
In choirs of the heavenly host

We found Him just as angels said
All swaddled in a manger bed
With parents kneeling by His side
In thankful, holy Christmastide

Why come the King this lowly way
So humbly born on Christmas day?
To cast away all doubt and fear
That man, to God, could now draw near

Worry not of what to say
The Spirit speaks for those who pray
Undaunted by the thought of death
They praise the Lord with every breath.

Reclining at the Savior's breast
Was one who loved above the rest
The one who risked his life and limb
The one who walked the way with Him

God's mother trusted to his care
With tenderness beyond compare
Her Son affixed upon the wood
With John, she wept, and watched, and stood.

The Innocents of Herod's time
were slaughtered in a heinous crime
Of one so bloated, proud, and vain
That only wickedness remain

Now in our world so proud and strong
Not even lamentation song
Is offered for the ones so small
Bereft of life before they crawl

Down deep we know a mother's womb
Should be the place where love can bloom
Yet myriads have made that room
A zone of darkness, doom, and gloom.

But may a growing light this year
Remove the darkness, doubt, and fear
That leads these mothers far astray
And set them on the narrow way

Love looks beyond the trials faced
To see the blessings freely graced
By every soul we've come to know
For love will cause the heart to grow

Our mother looked in trusting love
Upon the angel from above
And answered yes to be the one
The virgin bearing God's own son

When Simeon announced His role
A tingle rose within her soul
She saw beyond the piercing sword
And trusted in her God's reward

So why, when all the ages show
That giving causes hearts to grow
Do men still choose the dark and find
The more they grab the more they're blind?

May I lead as Joseph led
And may I feed as Joseph fed
Upon the Word of God each day
And act upon the things You say.

Two thousand and a handful more
Since God, as man, the virgin bore
He chose a humble manger bed
To rest His little infant head

He came as light to show the way
To banish darkness far away
But some, in dark, would rather be
And they, the light, refuse to see

They hung the Light upon a tree
So all the world could plainly see
What happens when the dark oppose
But three days hence, the Light arose

How many more will Patience wait
To close His dazzling, lovely gate
And let complacent ones embark
Upon their journey into dark?

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