Saturday, January 14, 2017

1/8/17 Through 1/14/17

1/8/17 Through 1/14/17

Wise men truly worship still
And seek to find the Father's will
They see the ever present signs
Of Him, who in the darkness shines

Wake up and know the time is near
When all the nations shall revere
The King in humble stable born
That cold and frosty Christmas morn

His voice directs the mighty sea
By it, the heavens came to be
It thunders from the sky above
Identifying perfect love

It speaks to all who listen clear
To let them know the Son is here
Who came as humble human kin
To rescue people from their sin

Now He speaks to us as sons
His favored and His chosen ones
No more in partial riddled word
But loud and clear His voice is heard

He cares for every creature made
And bids them in His stream to wade
Then see His living water bring
Abundant life to everything

Every ailment and disease
Was healed by Him to more than please
Each one was met with loving eyes
Which penetrated their disguise

He saw into the depths of each
And far more did than cure and teach
He loved each wretched naked soul
And by His love he made them whole

Now when today you hear His voice
Don't harden up your heart
But let Him help you make a choice
And then His love impart

Be thirsty ground and soak it in
Be formed throughout the day
Don't let the Word flow over you
And stay the same old way

The Word is preached to one and all
He finds along the way
But profits not those paralyzed
Who hear, yet won't obey

With sins released, our sickness ceased
We rise and walk away
But not the Jews who still refuse 
To listen and obey

"Come follow Me"  His word to all
In many varied ways
How can we hear His gentle call
Amidst our busy days?

Just set a time for Him each day
When no one will disturb
And give Him time to show the way
You'll find that time superb

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