Sunday, February 5, 2017

1/29/17 Through 2/4/17

1/29/17 Through 2/4/17

Seek the Lord with all your heart
This wisdom I, to you, impart
For happiness is knowing One
Whose brightness far exceeds the sun

Lord cast the many demons out 
That keep us far from You
And show us clear the holy route
To do the things You do

Discard the burden, run the race
Stay focused on His love and grace
Endure with faith in One above
To meet each trial with steadfast love

Do not grow weary in the fight 
But draw upon His strength and might
For you have not been tested yet
Unto the point where blood is let

If you but merely touch His hem
You'll have the strength to deal with them
Just let your faith increase in size
And then, behold, the dead shall rise.

Oh Lord grant me Your discipline
For that's where love and trust begin
It's truly for Your yoke I long
Yet I am weak, but Thou art strong.

Due sacrifice cannot be made
If we, the Lord, have not obeyed
For those that meet the Lord's desire
Have all passed through refiner's fire

The perfect sacrifice once made
By Christ, to have our sins allayed
Yet we are called to share His pain
And thus to win eternal gain

For who can strengthen men on earth
But He who took such humble birth
And shared our every pain for sure
And yet remained so clean and pure

How much am I like Herod then
Intrigued by holiness, but when
I'm called upon to do what's right
In weakness, all my strength takes flight

In unexpected ways I find
The call to once again be kind
But Oh so often I decline
And seek to keep what I call mine

Come find a calm deserted place
To rest from cares and busy pace
To sit with Him and talk a while
That He may then your soul beguile

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