Sunday, February 26, 2017

2/26/17 Through 3/4/17

2/26/17 Through 3/4/17

The love of money, golden chain
Denying what we hope to gain
Shiny glitter all aglow
Instead of friend has turned to foe

Has brought us nothing worth our while
But only kept our looks in style
Yes, looks provide a moment's thrill
But, yes, it's true, that looks can kill

In Jesus and the rich young man
We see how incompleteness can
Negate the offerings we make
Exposing true, revealing fake.

No use to boast with words we say
No use to come but half the way
If we're to answer to His call 
Just be prepared to give your all.

Never wonder, what of me
With all the gifts I've offered thee
You can't out-give the Giver's gift
So let the Lord, your spirits lift.

His word a promise to us all
Who answer to His loving call
In ways you may not now discern
Behold a hundredfold return

Tuesday PM
Lord, all I've given came from You
And all I have belongs to You
If I insist on holding back
It leads me on a fatal track

For You, in love, created me
And in Your love You made me free
And if I fail to give You all
How hard and sad that fatal fall

This day begins the trial long
To make me weak, yet make me strong
To help me see beyond what's here
To trust and learn to conquer fear

A time to slow the busy pace
And learn to yield to fruitful grace
Enduring that which may annoy
Denying pleasure, bound for joy.

Deny yourself, pick up your cross
Then come and follow Me
What seems to be a total loss
Will really set you free

For all you are was made to be
A perfect gift of love
United for eternity
In wedded bliss above

Cry out loud and let them hear
Their wickedness is known quite clear
No answer to their prayer is sent
Unless they humbly now repent

Sackcloth and ashes don't you see
Is not the thing that pleases Me
But broken yoke and slaves set free
Will bring with Me, your unity.

If you remove malicious speech
And guide the hungry ones you teach
Then light will rise in darkest night
And gloominess will take to flight

The ancient ruins then restored
A righteous crown your great reward
Your strength renewed to never fail
Whatever trial may assail

But if you choose to go your way
And don't revere My Sabbath day
Such blessings I will not bestow
And such delight you'll never know.

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