Sunday, February 5, 2017

2/5/17 Through 2/11/17

2/5/17 Through 2/11/17

If you shelter one in need 
And if the hungry one you feed
Your light will break forth like the dawn
And God will heed when called upon

Not wisdom or sublimity
Persuasive words or clarity
Will bring the soul to know the One
Messiah and God's only Son

But lighted lamp and salty lives
Illuminate what earth deprives
Don't hide the light another time
But raise it high and let it shine

They that merely touch His cloak
Are healed and break that sinful yoke
That keeps us tied to earthly things
And have a glimpse, what love now brings

For Christ the same as yesterday
Creates anew for us each day
And though it seems as all is lost
His favor we cannot exhaust.

In the beginning it was not this way
For man saw his wife in the purest of ways
Both naked they looked with a heavenly gaze
And walked with the Lord in the cool of the day

Defiled by that from deep within
The source of all my greed and sin
Repentance now the only way
To cleanse this heart of living clay

How great the gift to cleanse the soul
Forgiving sins and making whole
When priests with absolution give
Repentant souls a chance to live.

Naked yet and without shame
The man and wife, so pure became
Reflective of the Trinity
When they were joined in unity

But that great beauty flew away
When sin became their chosen way
No more he looked upon his bride
Except with greed and lust inside

But Christ has come as living bread
And on the cross, crushed Evil's head
That we could see again the sign
Of spousal love, and love divine

May my ears be opened Lord
To clearly hear Your daily word
And may I speak with clarity
Each day the Word You speak to me

Cast out, the Tree of Life denied
The pangs of birth intensified
In toil now the earth will yield
For you must cultivate your field

But now upon the Tree of Life
The Son of God and Sacrifice
Upon the tree our Living Bread
The Bread of Life we now are fed

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