Sunday, February 12, 2017

2/12/17 Through 2/18/17

2/12/17 Through 2/18/17

The Lord has said, that if I choose
The righteous way, I shall not lose
The life eternal, meant for me
And then great glories I shall see.

Where is your brother? His question to Cain
Just listen and know, that it's no use to feign
The blood of your brother cries out from the ground
You're sentenced to ever go wander around.

His question to us, in this modern time,
Is, Where are your children, those victims of crime?
The blood of those millions is crying so loud
For justice against the selfish and proud.

Yet even in spite of the millions we've killed
With love, and with mercy, the Lord's heart is filled
Not off to the wilderness wandering sent
But into His mercy, if just, we repent.

The yeast of those to guard against
Is that which leaves desire un-fenced
A yeast of egocentric fare
That puffs you up with none but air

Far better, I would have you know
To be a fresh, unleavened dough
One clean and undefiled, so...
You give His Word a chance to grow.

How long it takes for us to see
The man, and not some walking tree
We need His touch to clear the eyes
And see through every dim disguise.

A fruitful life is His command
Subdue the beasts, and all the land
Multiply and fill the earth
Then learn to love for all you're worth

For by your love, the world will see
Reflections of divinity
And come to seek this God above
Whose word inspires great acts of love

But lest love seem a facile chore
Know that He asks for ever more
Beyond that first inviting call
He asks of you, your all in all!

Deny yourself, take up your cross
Repent, and follow Me
For he who seeks to save His life
Among the dead shall be.

What profit, then to gain the world
And have so many toys
But in the end discover that
What pride confuses, pride destroys

The voice they heard, they recognized
No longer hidden or disguised
To do, not knowing what they should
When God's own Son, before them stood

Great men of faith, from long ago
Stood with Him too, that we would know
The dead shall rise and know to be
What only eyes of faith could see.

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