Sunday, February 19, 2017

2/19/17 Through 2/25/17

2/19/17 Through 2/25/17

He offers grace to one and all
But only those who hear the call 
And answer with a willing, Yes
Will find true peace and happiness

For wisdom and the strength of men
Is nothing to our God, and when
We're foolish in the eyes of men
He blesses us with grace again

Perfection comes from knowing Him
And not from every fleeting whim
Responding in each time of grace
To humbly then, His will embrace

The heavens and the earth have shown
All wisdom comes from Him alone
And He, the secret, has revealed
To how, such power, we can wield

It's through much prayer and sacrifice
And not indulging appetites
That we cast out from deep within
The one that leads us into sin

Monday evening
Response to grace is quite the key
To holiness for folks like me
I recollect throughout the day
The times He spoke, and in what way
Then did that voice my flesh eschew
Or was that voice attended to?

I must admit that many times
I followed my old paradigms
But once or twice I find a case
Where I responded to His grace
And then in humble thanks I see
There still is hope for folks like me.

If you come forth intent to serve
You must come forth without reserve
Sincere of heart prepared for trial
Accepting all with patient smile

Turn not away or lest you fall
Abandoning your holy call
Be not enticed by evil lures
Then grace and mercy will be yours

Be not with pride your heart defiled
But trust Him like a little child
And know His lowly, not are cursed
But those now last, will then be first.

There is something here to last
Unbroken link to times now past
His vicar on the earth to lead
And shepherd souls of those in need

Without the certainty of truth
How could we teach the faith to youth?
No unity for which He prayed
Without a Pope, they all have strayed

Presume upon His mercy not
But kindle here a fire hot
Do not delay conversion now
But answer Him to love somehow

Cut off the things that lead to sin
And let your life in Him begin
A better life is on the way
For those who see the light of day

Far more than friendship, bound in flesh
The man and woman made to mesh
Becoming one in mind and heart
That none on earth shall ever part

But this a dim reflection still
Of how to love on earth until
We cross into the land beyond
And understand the heavenly bond

Let children come without reserve
Such open hearts, God's love deserve
To little ones He grants the keys
The kingdom is for such as these.

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