Monday, February 8, 2016

1/31/16 Through 2/6/16

1/31/16 Through 2/6/16

Awaken to the dawn of day
And listen to the words I say
For in the dark of early morn
The seeds of life and love are born.

How do I turn this ship around
\And head to where true peace is found?
How do I break the chains of greed
With so much more than what I need?

Lord let Your presence purify
The ones who work and always try
To see in every passerby
The One who came to sanctify.

A friend to share the depth of heart
Is one with whom we never part
Though miles separate the souls
A prayer and thought now still consoles.

Man of faith with eyes that see
A dandelion in the breeze
Quickly going where He wills
To make the restless heart be still.

In foolishness he lost his head
By stupid things that he had said
No kingly thing that Herod tried
The day that John the Baptist died.

A teacher to the very end
Is what we all should be
That we might ably defend
This faith received from Thee.

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