Sunday, January 31, 2016

1/24/16 Through 1/30/16

1/24/16 Through 1/30/16

Our faith is not a refuge for
The feint or weak of mind
But that which reaches to the core
For brawn of different kind

The realm of faith is for the free
No room there for the slave
For in this realm you only see
The gallant and the brave.

May Your light around me shine
And may my heart be ever Thine
So with others I may share
This love of Yours beyond compare

Fan the gift of love until
The flame is burning bright
For hands were laid on you to fill
With power, love, and might.

In my heart let no divide
Remove me from Your loving side
Give me a love for humble things
And let me find what meekness brings

What we grasp, it slips away
But love of God is here to stay
In this love we cannot hold
Is where we find the purest gold.

My sin before me all the while
Revealing truth to my beguile
No hope for sin to satisfy
But want within to magnify..

Reveal the nature of my sin
Cleanse my heart from deep within
Make me pure, as snow is white,
Shine in me Your holy light.

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