Saturday, January 23, 2016

1/17/16 Through 1/23/16

1/17/16 Through 1/23/16
In the water changed to wine
The Lord beginning to define
His mission here to make us whole
And grant to us His life in full.

A sacrifice no substitute
For doing as we're told
For sacrifice cannot commute
Persistent pride I'm told.

Each one anointed specially
For their specific task.
The Spirit wants us all to see
We need, but only ask.

Lord, when I clearly hear Your call
Let me respond by giving all.
Then make me strong and make me wise,
That I may never compromise.

For those You call You qualify
To be so bold and testify
Before the mighty, and the king
By patient, and long suffering.

Our pride invites the evil one
To dwell within the soul
Corruption of the thoughts begun,
He moves to take the whole.

Humility accepts His will
At every time and place,
And though we have to suffer still
The time is filled with grace.

Virgin womb, that holy place
Within the Mother full of grace.
This haven of virginity
That cradles there Divinity.

Spread your grace throughout our land
That in His will, we all would stand
Defending life at every stage,
In every place, at every age.

Lord grant to me a struggle stern
That through the trials I may learn,
The wisdom of a humble heart
And gladly do my simple part.

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