Sunday, January 3, 2016

12/27/15 Through 1/2/16

12/27/15 Through 1/2/16

The perfect love and perfect home 
We pray we all achieve
But such a thing is only known
To those who do believe

For love is more than wedded bliss
True love is meant to love like this:
A total gift renewed each day
In many and in varied way

A sacrifice, a patient word,
For greater love, desire deferred.
True joy and happiness is found
When Christ, the family King is crowned.

Today I sit and wonder why
The thoughts of self are placed so high,
And problems always seem so clear,
Especially in those held dear.

Please fix me first, oh Lord of life
And then, perhaps, also my wife.
But let me always see within
My heart, the best place to begin.

I want to know and love your way
I want to listen and obey
But all too often self invades
And once again to sin persuades

If I but knew how love was made'
I'd then refuse a worthless trade
I'd be the man I'm meant to be
And love would then desire me.

Enticements of this world
Will quickly pass away
But works for Christ the Lord
Are firmly here to stay.

Many the voices that sound in my ear
Proclaiming the praises of something else here.
Promoting in some way a pleasure or fear
But only one voice that is true and is clear.

The voice of the Church, our dear mother on earth.
The voice of the one who can bring a new birth.
The power of one who will do the right thing
The power of one that salvation does bring.

Trust His mighty spoken word
That you, from the beginning, heard
He'll not forsake a promise made
His love for us will never fade.

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