Sunday, February 21, 2016

2/14/16 Through 2/19/16

2/14/16 Through 2/19/16

In this hunger I need bread
And not the food I crave
Refusing not that I be fed
By who the Father gave

Fasting for the ones in need
Feasting on the words I read
A time to quit the daily race
And gaze upon His holy face.

Forgiving all the little wrong
Can be no simple chore
With grace and with conviction strong
We do it now once more.

The prophet calls us to repent
And make of this a holy Lent.
Turn away from sins of past
And make of this a holy fast.

Increase the fervor of my prayer
That always trusting You
My prayer be heard from anywhere
And in accord with You.

Remember when I called to you
You didn't know just what to do.
You didn't know just how I came
But that You'd never be the same.

A different time, a different way
Or when you quiet down to pray
If you but gently train your ear
You'll find my voice quite clear to hear

I sought you out to be my own
And make my love, to others, known
To listen to the words I speak
And show the way to those who seek.

I didn't choose for how you speak
I chose the humble and the meek
The ones who hear the words I say
And not just listen, but obey.

This time, oh Lord, I wake to find
A word from Thee, and peace of mind.
A word to carry through this day
And help me follow in Your way.

The slave, once freed, must not return
To that which held him bound
The fool who does will never learn
To stand on solid ground

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